Indoor cycling bikes are growing as a home fitness item, especially since the concept of spinning became popular during the early 1990’s. The number of indoor cycling bike styles has grown during the last 3 decades since spinning came on the scene.

You have lots of choices and decisions to make–like, do I want an upright bike or a recumbent one? An upright indoor bike looks more like a regular street bike, whereas with a recumbent bike, you are seated with a backrest, and your legs are out front.

This is a guide is designed to help you navigate the many options you have for an indoor bike of your own. You will save wear and tear on your car driving back and forth to the gym and have an enjoyable ride without worrying about the elements.

How to Buy an Indoor Cycling Bike

Like any investment, you’ll want to do some comparison shopping. The amount you spend for an indoor bike should correlate to what you expect to do with the bike. If you know that you are serious about spinning, you’ll want to go for the more high-end models, which can run over $1,000. But don’t be scared off with that price tag, because you can also get a basic bike for around $150.

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Basic Features

Regardless of how much you want to spend, look for these basic features in your indoor bike:

  • Lightweight, sturdy and strong
  • Comfort–both the seat (saddle) and handlebars should be adjustable for personalized comfort
  • Strap pedals or cages for your feet
  • Has a fitness meter
  • Quietness of operation
  • Easy to maintain

More Specifics and Some Upgrades to Look For in Your New Indoor Bike

LCD Monitor

Your indoor bike needs to have monitor to display your workout information, such as calories burn, speed, and distance pedaled. It’s a good idea to find a bike with a heart rate monitor. Tracking your “burn” is paramount so you can see your progress. Some models allow you to record your workout data with an SD card, or let your transfer your workout date to or it transfers the data to a mobile app.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Look for your indoor cycling bike to be covered by at least a one-year warranty. Be aware that you can often purchase an extended warranty of three or more years at the time of purchase. If you buy your bike on Amazon, you can find warranties from Allstate’s Square Trade:

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Emergency Brake

Most bikes include an emergency brake equipped with felt pads, though some indoor cycling bikes have magnetic brakes, which are better for more experienced riders as they offer more resistance.

Wheels for Mobility of the Bike

Most stationary bike models include transportation wheels somewhere on the bottom, which make the bike easier to move. Check to make sure you are able to move it by yourself.

Drive Systems

Stationary indoor bikes operate with either a belt or a chain drive system. Expect the chain drive to be the noisier of the two. A belt system will be quieter and they require less maintenance.

Built-in fans

The option of turning on a fan may make your indoor ride more enjoyable. They are usually associated with a bit more sophisticated indoor bike.

Changing the seat

If you are very large, you may want to change the seat of your bike. Or, look for seat covers that offer extra padding.

Maintenance Tips

For the best longevity of your indoor cycling bike, follow these steps:

  • Wipe down your bike of any sweat after each ride.
  • Keep an eye on the bearing and seals and lubricate them if needed.
  • Schedule a maintenance check once a year.


Indoor cycling bikes mean you have the means to get in a workout anytime you have some downtime. The bikes give a low impact workout so they are easy on your joints, and if you challenge yourself, you’ll get in some cardio, too.

Take some time to shop from home on Amazon, where you can easily compare models, prices, and reviews, as well as ask questions of buyers. Indoor bikes, especially upright ones, take up less room than other exercise equipment and you can watch Netflix or YouTube while doing it, so the sooner you start, the sooner you can enjoy its benefits.