Probably the leading issue with carpet stains come from our pets. Finding a product that really works can be difficult.  All these products claim to remove stains quickly and easily. You have probably gone from one cleaner to another with negative results. Our reviews will give you information for the pros and cons of various portable cleaners so you can make a decision that will help you remove all kinds of stains.

1. Little Green ProHeat By Bissell:

Last updated on June 4, 2020 1:54 pm

This cleaner comes with a separate turbo brush for scrubbing out upholstery but costs extra. The Little Green ProHeat is not a steam cleaner but it does have a heating element to keep the water warm for a longer period of time. The Bissell Little Green ProHeat, model 14259, is an excellent option for numerous stains that you might have to go over more than once.

Although the unit is easy to carry around and easy to use, the instructions are not particularly clear for assembling. The spray nozzle can clog very easily due to using either the wrong detergents or using too much. This unit is not good for rugs that are vegetable dyed. That does not mean it’s unsafe for all carpets. If you find the ProHeat isn’t safe for colors, simply turn off the setting for hot water to improve color safety.

After each use, make sure you thoroughly clean the unit before placing in storage, otherwise, you will experience smells emitting from it. After removing all solid debris, the Bissell Little Green ProHeat does a good job at removing various stains such as urine and vomit.

Although the unit does not leave a soapy residue behind, it does not pull up water easily which means your carpet will remain damp for a certain period of time.

2. The Hoover FH11300PC Spotless:

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Last updated on June 4, 2020 1:54 pm

Although it is advised by carpet experts to remove a stain as quickly as possible, there are times you might not notice the stain, giving it a chance to set in. Stains that set in can be a little more difficult to remove but at least the days of being on your hands and knees scrubbing stains are in the past!

Fortunately, with today’s technology, the process and amount of time required to remove stains have improved drastically.

The Hoover FH11300PC Spotless has changed the time it takes to thoroughly clean stains from your carpet. This very light stain cleaner not only offers features that are so advanced, but efficient.  Not only does this Hoover cleaner promise to easily deep clean carpets and upholstery, but after you are done cleaning, it literally cleans itself! Hoover now has a patent pending technology that flushes out the hose directly after cleaning.

Hoover claims the most powerful suction and high-performance cleaner will loosen even the most stubborn stains that you managed to overlook on your fabric and in your carpet. The company has also provided a wonderful gel that is created to pre-treat stubborn spots.

All those bonuses make Hoover one of the very best portable spot cleaners on the market to date! You might just want to run out and get your own Hoover FH11300PC Spotless and watch stains disappear!

3. Bissell’s Spot Clean Model 3624:

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Last updated on June 4, 2020 1:54 pm

Pet owners rejoice! This cleaner allows you to use either a detergent or pet stain remover created for a portable unit. Although it is considered a professional cleaner it works perfectly in your home. It offers a very long flexible hose and many attachments that you can use to remove spots without having to use the entire unit for spot cleaning. It also provides a very convenient 20-foot power cord to increase your mobility. If you want to clean around the areas where a spot was removed, use the attachments. You will discover the Bissell Spot Clean Model 3624 is one of the very best on the market!

It comes with a two-year limited warranty if you need to bring it to an authorized repair center. Keep in mind, the pump mechanism has a habit of going out after one year and takes a longer period of time to replace. It does leave water in the carpet but you can reduce the amount of water by cleaning the suction gate on a regular basis.

4. Bissell Spotbot Pet Stain Remover Model 33N8:

Last updated on June 4, 2020 1:54 pm

One of the best features for this cleaner is low maintenance. Simply place it on a spot and the brushes scrub out even the most stubborn stains, vomit, and other biological elements. In order to work at its best, be sure and remove any large areas first.

You have the option of choosing a normal clean or deep clean. The heavy clean option will allow you to remove pet mistakes in one or two cleanings using one tank of soapy water. Do Not Use this cleaner on loop rugs as the unit will be torn up when deep cleaning.

It works well on white carpets if you run several cycles. You will have to run a separate manual cycle after the automatic cycle. You can also use the hose for spot cleaning after running the automatic cycle.

The downside, this unit usually stops operating after one year whether caused by a drop in suction or leaking.

The Spotless Pet Stain Remover has Microban surfaces that will control odors but the hose must be cleaned manually. The residue from pet messes must be totally cleaned to prevent smells. Also, if you use too much detergent or the wrong detergent, it will build up residue causing odors.

5. Bissell Spot Clean Model 5207A:

Last updated on June 4, 2020 1:54 pm

This cleaner is very good for cleaning large areas with one pass instead of multiple applications needed with other Bissell units. The water tanks can be removed very easily for cleaning as well as for refilling the tanks without taking the entire unit apart.

You will have to remove the tank to dump dirty water several times during the cleaning process. Like other Bissell units, the water will remain warm and you can choose the level of heat or lack of heat depending on what you need to clean.

6. Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Spot Cleaner:

Keep in mind, you must use the Rug Doctor detergent with this unit or the Pet Doctor pet stain remover for spots.

The suction head is very powerful and is a hand-held model. The hose is connected to the head but is longer than your average hose. You will be able to clean furniture and stairs thanks to this hose’s length. The unit uses small amounts of detergent so you will probably have to pass over one stain more than once.

Even though it is heavier than many units, it has wheels for easy navigation along with the hand-held handle.

The Rug Doctor portable spot cleaner must have the reservoir clean with hot water and then spray the head to flush out soaps to prevent clogging and odors. The downside, the units sends the dirty water through the bottom of the unit before entering the dirty water tank. Therefore, if it leaks, the dirty water will end up back on the floor. The upside, this unit pulls out almost all water from your carpet.

Another downside, if you have issues with the unit, their customer service is difficult to get hold of. Sending the unit to one of their authorized repair stations can cost as much as $50. On top of that, even if your unit is under warranty, you could be charged for repairs.