HLLY TX-30S 30Watt FM Transmitter can cover 5 to 10miles in all direction and the sound is very good,It is professional transmitter which compatible with most audio sources like TVs, Home Stereo Systems, Smartphones, MP3 players and PC. You will love the ability to broadcast your favorite music and audio.

Our Score: 9.9/10


FMT5-150 is a profesional FM stereo/Mono broadcasting transmitter. The advanced digital technologies,Digital Signal Processor(DSP), are used in the transmitters to get little size , high performance and high reliability. They are widely used for professional radio stations to transmit high quality FM radio programs.

Our Score: 9.7/10


Designed with advanced modulation system and built-in PLL frequency, audio pre-emphasis, limiter, and low-pass filter circuit, Signstek FM Transmitter stereo transmitter can be used for factories, schools, supermarkets, farms, Office space or create your own radio station. Perfect for holiday light show, especially for Christmas light show.

Our Score: 9.6/10


CZH-T251 25Watt FM transmitter is a professional FM transmitter newly released by CZHFMtransmitter. It’s featured by one button control for all functions. It has VSWR protection, temperature protection, electronic volume adjusting,equipped with low pass filters. It’s applicable in many places, such as stadium, county radio station, community radio station, motel, public square,church, theater and so on.

Our Score: 9.5/10


The basic working theory of this transmitter is to transmit audio to any audio receivers that supports the band of 76-108mhz. It can be used for many circustances.

Our Score: 9.3/10


Designed with advanced modulation system and built-in PLL frequency, audio pre-emphasis, limiter, and low-pass filter circuit.

Our Score: 9.2/10


Tips in buying an FM transmitter

Listening to music has always been one of the best ways to make your drive or your journey so much enjoyable.  Music adds to the ambiance that makes your surrounding pleasing and your mood more vivacious.  With the advent of digital music, music on demand has become the standard.  While most cars already have a USB port or auxiliary input, not everyone has a car stereo capable of playing digital music.  And this is where FM transmitters work wonders. FM transmitter uses vacant or available FM frequencies on radio and plays your digital music your on vehicle’s speakers. It essentially converts that digital audio output from your digital device player e.g. flash drive or phone into FM radio signals so that they can be played by your regular car analogue stereo.  In short you don’t need a new car stereo to play digital music.  This technology is not new and there is plenty of FM transmitters’ now available market. And here tips on some things that you should consider in buying an FM transmitter.

Channels – It is important that FM transmitter can find empty or available frequencies through which you can match your radio frequency and use that frequency to communicate your radio and the transmitter to play music.

Auto Scanning – This is a feature where the transmitter automatically scans available frequencies that have strong signals. When the signal of the FM frequency is not strong, the quality of the music also deteriorates, in as much as the quality of radio becomes bad with weak radio signals.  Considering that you are driving your car, auto scanning allows you to search for strong FM frequency signals when changing frequencies efficiently and fast to maintain quality of sound.

Saved pre-set frequencies – Like any good old radio, the transmitter should also be able to save channels that you use so that you don’t need to scan for free FM frequencies again and again.  Instead, you simply click pre-set saved station instead of searching again.

Multiple use support – A good FM transmitter also permits you to play music aside from accessing FM radio stations.

Compatibility with different audio formats – In the age of digital music, music comes in different formats like mp3, wma, ogg, ALAC, Flac and Aiff. A great FM transmitter is capable of playing all types of audio formats and converts them to analogue frequencies.

Bluetooth or Wireless capability – Bluetooth technology has conveniently allowed people to wirelessly connect to devices. One important feature you should consider in your FM transmitter is Bluetooth capability for wireless communication. In this way, you can connect any of your Bluetooth enabled device such as your smartphone, tablet or iPod, and play the music stored in these devices

USB port – This feature allows you to connect your gadgets via USB but also allows you to charge them to your car battery.

Music Player – Some FM transmitter can directly play music when connecting a USB storage device via its USB port.  The FM transmitter does can act as the music player for digital music.  It also has pause, stop, backward and forward features.

Switch – The FM transmitter must have an on and off switch button for turning the device on and off as needed.  This allows you to prevent said device from draining car battery when it is constantly on.